WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Many college students are concerned about finding employment after they graduate but those who major in computer science are "almost certain" to be hired.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg mayhave dropped out of college but graduating with a computer science degree is paying off with job offers.

One student said they received "around 4 or 5" offers while another claimed they had gottenbetween 10 and 20job offers before graduating.

Students graduating with other degrees are facing a very different job market.

A student told us, "Uh, they think I don't live in reality."

For example, NYU reports a 94 percent placement rate for computer science grads last spring. Fifty six percent had job offers before graduation compared to 41 percent overall.

An average starting salary of $66,000 and job security may be why the major is taking off with enrollment at NYU. It's up 50 percent since 2007.

"Coding is the literacy of the future and they want to get in on that," explained Associate Professor of Computer Science at NYU Evan Korth."When I started, the program was really small and you only had 1 section for each class. Now for the introductory ones there's 3 to 4 at least."

Nationwide, the jobless rate for technology positions is only about 4 percent, and since the internet isn't going away any time soon, job prospects are red hot.

Fortune Magazine predicts that software developers who specialize in applications will see job growth of over 30 percent by 2018. Jobs for computer system analysts are expected to jump by 20 percent.These AVERAGE salaries for these jobsare around $94,000 a year.

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