WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- Every time Ace Scott leaves his house to drive his pick-up truck, he has a routine.

"I always walk around the vehicle before I ever get in it. Then I check my mirrors, and everything and then I look again out the window," says Scott sitting on the steps of his front porch.

And before throwing the truck into gear, Scott also blows his horn several times.

Scott's been performing this driving ritual ever since he accidently backed over a 2-year-old little boy, killing him. Scott never saw the toddler.

"It's a horrible thing to live with," says Scott.

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The safety group, Kids and Cars, says as SUV's andtrucks have gotten bigger there has been a rise in backover and frontover accidents.This is because these vehicles can have enormous blind spots. And some cars are not immune from the problem either.A test by Consumer Reports found these blind spotareas extend out as far as 50 feet.

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9NEWS NOW put 3 mothers to the test. Each mom drives either an SUV or van. A traffic cone is placed 5-feet behind their vehicles. The cone is the same size as a 2-and-a-half-year-old.

Each woman backing up, hit the cone.

"Oh mygosh, what was that?" asks one of our test moms.

"But I looked in both mirrors, including my rear view. I couldn't see it at all,"says another.

"What if there was a kid standing there? That was frightening,"our third mom says.

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Then we moved the cone back until the women could finally see it. One mother couldn't see the cone until it was 8 feet back from her bumper. For one mother, the cone had to be 25-feet away from her car before she could spot it.

It should be noted some of the moms also had problems seeing the cone from their front bumpers as well.

Car, SUV and truck makers do have optional equipment that can be installed on their vehicles to help with blind spots. Things like rear view cameras and convex mirrors.

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And remember, while blind spots can be a problem inSUV's and trucks, cars also have blind spots.

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