(THE TENNESSEAN) -- A public campaign has begun to push for Tammy Wynette's name to be restored on her burial crypt two years after it was replaced with her married name, Virginia W. Richardson.

Georgette Jones Lennon said she and Wynette's three other daughters are asking for public support as they try to rectify a mistake. They agreed to a name change after being told it would be temporary, she said, but now they cannot reverse the decision because they don't own the burial crypt at Woodlawn Memorial Park. Lennon is asking her mother's fans to join a Facebook page called "A Restoration" Tammy Wynette's Name and Legacy.

"She worked very hard and long her whole life for that name," Lennon said. "That's who she believed she was. That is who she was."

The sisters are talking to an attorney about obtaining a court order to bring back the Tammy Wynette name, she said, with the hopes that public support will strengthen their case. They've had no luck in the past pursuing legal rights to their mother's legacy or family heirlooms, such as their grandmother's butter churn or their own baby pictures, Lennon said.

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