ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WUSA9) -- One of Boston's favorite sons brought Good Vibrations to T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria Wednesday morning. Mark Wahlberg, an oscar-nominated actor, producer, and rapper, made a surprise appearance to encourage students to stay in school and graduate.

"I have to say, this is the nicest school I've ever seen," said Wahlberg. "If I had gone to a school like this, I would have attended more classes."

Wahlberg told students that his greatest regret is the fact that he dropped out of high school and never received his diploma.

"This is such a crucial time in your life. The decisions you make over the next few years are going to impact you forever," said Wahlberg.

The Boston native also talked to WUSA 9's Kristin Fisher about the marathon bombing and his city's response.

"It was a horrible, horrible tragedy. But we felt so much support and love from the entire country and around the world. It's through those thoughts and prayers that I believe people can start to heal," said Wahlberg.

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