Sport of singing: Locals compete in karaoke league

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- These days, sports lovers in the DMV have their eyes on the Wizards playoff push for the championship. All of us aren't pro-level athletes like the Wiz and some of us may not be great athletes at all. But if you really like competition in a league setting, how about trying out a karaoke league?

Singing can be an all out battle for supremacy, thanks to this karaoke league.

District Karaoke League Manager Kevin Machnik says,"We generally design it like a lot of the casual leagues in D.C....we're similar to bocce, kickball, a lot of leagues people go out and have a great time and do sports."

Just like any sporting match-up, you start with a set number of teams. In the case of District Karaoke, that's 30. In a 10-week period they all compete against each other, narrowing down to eight teams battling for the top spot.

District Karaoke judge Scott Shrake says, "Competition is cool in this town, right? It's a two-party town. Everyone is competing anyway."

Karoake league can be compared to a number of sports: March Madness, post-season baseball, perhaps? Or as karaoke league fan Chip Vaughn notes, "The NBA playoffs. It's like the best of the best ... they put all their ideas, singing into one very nice package."

This is not your mother's karaoke. These people will do and say anything... and costumes are of the utmost importance.

Judge Shrake said, "Not to get too inside baseball but I feel like if they've got the vocal talent they can go minimal on the costumes and stuff... I think best singer should win, but if they can't sing, they might as well put on some good costumes."

In the end, a team with good costumes, who could sing won. We can't repeat their name in print, but suffice to say it's a variation of My Little Ponies. But these guys weren't running for the roses, just hitting the right notes for that championship trophy.

If you're interested, District Karaoke's summer league starts up Tuesday. For more information visit:

League karaoke is spreading to other cities. NYC has some teams.


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