Seton School's starting lineup is a Burgess family affair

MANASSAS, Va. (WUSA 9) -- Families dot the stands at Seton School sporting events, and this family atmosphere works out quite well for the Burgess siblings. Sisters Bryn, Dylan and Caelen play together on the Conquistadors varsity team.

"It's really challenging and I'm tall so i'm good at it just by default," said Dylan.

Dylan and twin Bryn are senior co-captains. Caelen is a sophomore.

"Every single game without fail a referee says: 'Are ya'll sisters?' [My answer is]: Um yeah, we're twins," joked Dylan.

What makes the girls' situation unique is that all three Burgess players are starters; they're three of Seton's starting five.

"I don't think I've ever seen it at any high school where there are three starters from the same family," said head coach Richard Pennefather.

"I guess it's pretty cool, but it just seems normal for us," said Bryn.

Older sister, Casey got the ball rolling at Seton. When she was a senior, the twins were freshman.

"Well Casey was the queen of driving to the basket [and] getting free throws, that was her thing. It's a really good skill to have," said Bryn.

"Yeah Caelen's got to learn that, she's always missing her layups. She can make threes like nobody's business, but its those lay-ups," said Dylan.

Soon, Caelen will be the older sibling for Clare, the Burgess eighth grader who plays on the JV team, for now. Theoretically, the Burgess family affair here at Seton will continue for quite some time to come. You already met Clare on the JV team, but there are three more girls after her.

Brigid, 12, Norah, 8, and Maeve, 3, could be next on the Seton roster.

"It's like the coach's dream. What ever coach dreams of eight sisters who can all play?" said Pennefather.

On any given day, you can catch any combination of family members in Seton's stands -- grandpa, mom, dad and siblings -- all watching the trio in action.

And in case you're trying to add it up, there are ten Burgess children in all, the last two boys, and there's no telling whether they will follow in their sports-loving sisters' footsteps.


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