Redskins on the verge of an epic fail

WASHINGTON (WUSA) - Here we are. Just three weeks into the Redskins season and if they don't beat the New York Giants on Sunday, you can wave bye bye to any playoff chances this year. At 0-2, the odds are already not good to make the post-season so if the Redskins fall to 0-3, it will be time to start making plans for next year. 

That would be a colossal step back for the franchise from where they were a season ago and the expectations that the entire organization had coming into this year. This game at New York, is the biggest game of the season and we are only three games in.

Even knowing how big this game is, there are signs of a disgruntled locker room with reports starting to leak of dissension about QB Kirk Cousins and some players questioning the coaching staff as well. This is what happens when teams who have struggled to maintain success, do. They revert to what made them losers in the first place by pointing fingers rather than trying solve the problem together.

"At the end of the day the players need to hunker down," Redskins Hall of Famer Darrell Green told me this week. "They should have done great study this week and they should be ready to go against the Giants but that will require everything," Green said.
There is good reason for frustration as the Redskins have not been sharp at all in both of their losses. Bad penalties, turnovers,  the inability to convert in the Red Zone, bad tackling  are all signs of a bad football team. That has to change and quickly against a 2-0 NFC East rival in the Giants on Sunday in New Jersey.
The most important player on the field, the QB has not been good so far for the Redskins and that's another reason they are staring down 0-2. Cousins had a costly interception against Dallas late that was just inexcusable. With a franchise tag and $20 million richer, Cousins is betting on himself to get a big lucrative deal in the future, but so far the gamble is not paying off.
Green added that now is the time for the team to show support for Cousins and not get too down on the fifth-year pro. "I'm saying guys, everybody, let's back off and let's get all our energies behind him," Green said. 
In the past, the Redskins have shown fight in games they had to have. There better be some fight on Sunday or the whole season is already lost. 


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