Owens' Opinions: Redskins fans 'What if?'

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Just imagine, what if the Redskins had elected to not hire Jay Gruden. The predominant thought amongst many pundits was that the coaching vacancy was actually a two horse race, Darrell Bevell (henceforth identified as Seattle Slew), and Gruden (no good horse names involving Cincinnati that I can recall off the top of my head).

Since the hiring, some have questioned Gruden's experience and whether he benefited from the family name.

Stop! Filling coaching vacancies is never easy and I applaud teams for taking chances on young coordinators. How else do we rid ourselves of retread coaches disease?

Pittsburgh took a chance on a young dude named Mike Tomlin and that turned out pretty well. Let's give Gruden a chance to see what he can do. He deserves that.

If it was indeed a two horse race, choosing Gruden was a no-brainer. If they would have waited or played hard to get. Then, Gruden could have potentially walked away, leaving them in the waiting game for an assistant that probably wasn't going to be available for weeks. Then what? You become the Cleveland Browns, that's what. Sifting around for coaching candidate scraps after every buzzard has had its fill.

By the way, the Brownies are currently looking at some guy named Dan Pettine (Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator), whom I bet many of you had never heard of before..now!

Dan Quinn (Seahawks defensive coordinator) is also a candidate for the Browns job, while Broncos offensive coordinator, Adam Gase, withdrew.

Sounds like fun! Heck no, it actually sounds like a search ending in Zorn. What if the Redskins were right where the Browns are?

The D.C. metro area would be going berserk. I can see it now, question after question after question.

When you gonna hire a coach? Why haven't you hired a coach yet? Doesn't this put you behind other NFL programs in terms of off-season preparation? Does this mean coaches don't really want the job? Ahhhhhh make it stop! To my journalism brethren in Cleveland, I feel for you.

As for the Redskins, thank you for hiring Jay Gruden when you did so we can move on to covering other sports that actually exist in this town.


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