DC's first look at DeSean Jackson may surprise you

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- DeSean Jackson said all the right things when he answered some very tough questions by the DC area media in his first phone-in conference call on Wednesday afternoon.

His answers were humble, thoughtful and caring, in his first exposure to local media. The Washington Redskins hosted the awkward call, where you could only imagine him holding up his jersey (with no number on it), at around 2:30 p.m.

We, the reporters, huddled around the phone in our respective sports departments, waiting to hear a "loud-mouth," egocentric player, who would most certainly predict a Super Bowl. We were wrong.

Instead, quotes like: "we have to put in the work" and "I feel very humbled," came out of the 27-year old's mouth.

The recent rumors surrounding the speedy receiver paint quite the different picture of who he is, according to the very-loose reporting.

According to DeSean Jackson in Wednesday's news conference, he's a person who works hard with teammates to fit in, after he was asked about how awesome he's going to make the Redskins offense. He didn't utter the words "Dream Team," or "unstoppable," even though the reporters tried to coax him into it.

Did you know that he's a guy who lost his dad to pancreatic cancer when he was young? So, as soon as he could, he created the DeSean Jackson Foundation. That's the foundation that raises awareness and money for pancreatic cancer, a sickness that is usually fatal to whomever it strikes.

Another seldom talked about facet of DeSean's impact on society is his anti-bullying book and campaign: "No Bullies in the Huddle." In all the articles written about his attitude toward his teammates and his affiliations off the field, you'll be hard-pressed to find a mention of this book or his anti-bullying work in the community.

The facts are the facts. If you Google DeSean Jackson right now, (and sift through the breaking news about his signing with the Washington Redskins), you'll see a lot of gang related talk and how he was an awful teammate on the Philadelphia Eagles.

This article in no-way is an in-depth look at the man's life on and off the field. However, his first news conference with the team shows us that there's more to the man than meets the eyes and ears.

In an effort to be a fair and balanced journalist, here's a little bit of the "other side" of the story about a guy who's just looking to start over on a young, excitable team (on paper).


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