Wizards use Gatling gun to deliver t-shirts

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- The entertainment department of the Washington Wizards is always looking for the next bigger and better thing.

We're pretty sure they found it in the latest way they deliver t-shirts to fans. They have a double barreled Gatling gun that most definitely does the trick.

As manager of game operations for the Monumental Sports, Zak Grim said t-shirts are the number one most requested item from fans at NBA games especially Wizards games.

He's in charge of getting those coveted t-shirts to fans and he has a heck of a way to do it.

He uses a double barreled Gatling gun, powered by 80 pounds of carbon dioxide.

"There's been versions that are just one ring. This is a double Gatling gun, essentially, so this thing can pump out a huge amount of t-shirts in a very little amount of time."

It weighs about 675 pounds and shoots out about 80 t-shirts in 10 seconds.

The Georgetown Hoyas used it first, but since they play in the same building as the Wizards, the pro team sub-leased it. It costs about $20,000 to own, but leasing is more cost effective at about $4,000 a season.

As for what that CO2 can do, it provides a lot of firepower.

Wizards fans are always taken by surprise with the weapon and their comments run the gamut:

"It was exciting"

"It got my attention, it was really scary."

"It was the coolest thing they've ever done."

"It was awesome, it was amazing."

"Its quite a thrill to hear it launch."

The Wizards say they're all about anything bigger and better for fan entertainment. For the playoffs, they plan to ramp it up a notch by double loading the cylinder with t-shirts.

Grim estimates there are about seven of these t-shirt launchers in use in the NBA and two in the NHL.


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