Healthy Baller helps athletes prevent injuries

Rockville, Md. (WUSA) --Every one of the hops, twists, and contortions that happen during this training session are part of his master plan.

"I was the kid who made my own vertical platform and then strapped rubber bands to my shoulders," Blair O'Donovan says laughing.

Well things have changed a little for Blair O'Donovan. In this era of athletic specialization, he's providing athletes with a critical tool. More knowledge of their bodies.

"There's more to training than just coming to the gym and lifting weights," O'Donovan says.

Or just bouncing a ball. O'Donovan company named Heathy Baller, uses a different paradigm. Much of their training centers around a tool called the functional movement screen (FMS).

"It's used by a ton of major Division I colleges and pro sports leagues," O'Donovan said. It helps athletes understand where their movement patterns lie."

Among other things, FMS helps monitor what's limber and what's not. The Healthy Baller staff also analyzes how the body's joints respond to stress. O'Donovan says it's data collection that for a parent can be a predictor of potential future problems.

"I always used to be concerned about my son Christopher's ankles so he always wore high tops," Angelique Margarites says. "When we came to Blair he suggested we get rid of the high tops and switch over to low tops. "He just said it's very important to strengthen his ankles."

During the FMS sessions, O'Donovan's team puts the athletes through different stretching/movement exercises and then scores it. His staff along with the FMS program helps create a personalized training regiments to assist in correcting the problem.

"You can definitely tell the difference, the muscles, I'm cut now," Diamond Douglas a junior at C.H. Flowers High School says, who injured her A-C-L before coming to Healthy Baller.

"I've never been stronger than I am now."


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