Banneker's Avery Coffey chooses Harvard

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA 9) -- For Benjamin Banneker Academy senior, Avery Coffey, the trek to school begins early. Every morning he wakes up around 5:30 or 6:00, gets on the bus, hops on the metro and walks to class. In total, it takes him about an hour to travel from Ward 8 to Northwest.

But what Coffey does once he gets to Banneker is really the story. In a school filled with academic achievers, he's trumped them all. Coffey was accepted to five Ivy League schools: Harvard, Princeton, Yale, University of Pennsylvania and Brown.

When he received the news, he played it cool.

"On the outside I didn't really show much emotion," said Coffey smiling, but on the inside, the tennis kid said he was brewing with excitement. After all, the young man from Ward 8 was being wooed by five Ivy League institutions, and after a recent visit, he chose Harvard.

"It's very surreal it's like the moment you step on [to campus], you realize where you are ... you realize all the prestige," said Coffey.

Harvard received more than 34,000 applications this year and accepted about six percent, that's quite an accomplishment. Moving from the city streets of DC to Boston won't be an easy transition, but it's one to which Coffey says he's looking forward.

"There are so many stereotypes about people who are from where I come from," said Coffey. "These things happen every year it's just that people don't really know about it, in my case I got into five so I've gotten this kind of exposure and people should start to realize that those types of stereotypes should be eradicated."


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