Bricks and missed dunks: Wizards Media Day

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- There are many moments in life when you see things that you can't un-see. Have you ever clicked a video online that you thought was going to be entertaining, then it ended up being the most horrifying thing you've ever seen. That's what I'm talking about here: Wizards Media Day.

Our very own Jan Jeffcoat joined the festivities on Tuesday, when she agreed to enter the 3-point shootout. She hasn't played basketball in years, so right away you knew it was going to be fun to watch.

Jan lined up to shoot the 3-pointers and started heaving the balls underhanded. Too funny for words. She was a good sport by entering the contest, but she didn't sink any 3-pointers, so she was out before you could say "Jeffcoat."

If she would have hit one shot, she would have finished second in the women's division, so she wasn't really that bad.

The most compelling portion of the program was the "dunk" contest. The reason I put the word "dunk" in quotations, is because there was not a lot of dunking going on.

First of all, let me say, just lining up to try to dunk when you're about 5' 9" and you're not in the shape you once were can be a problem. Further, the trampoline allotted for the members of the media to use, looked like something pulled from a circus act. It looked like it was made with an old mattress's springs.

Watch the attached video of all the missed dunks, and click the photo gallery to put a smile on your face!


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