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Darrell Green sits down with Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall

1:43 AM, Nov 7, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- When the Redskins lost Champ Bailey via a trade in 2004, an argument could be made that the unit has never fully recovered.

However, DeAngelo Hall's 2013 campaign may have ended that discussion. The 29-year-old is having a career year in his 10th season. And it's not just his three touchdowns scored either. It's the consistent lock down coverage on opponents top receivers. 

Hall extended an invitation to his new mentor and WUSA-9 contributor Darrell Green to come chat. No subject was left off limits. Some highlights include: 

Hall on his big season

"Being cut, you almost got a chip on your shoulder. You've never been in that situation before, but I've been, I guess, unlucky, in a sense that it's happened to me twice. Both times I've came out, back against the wall, fighting.

Hall on if being cut motivated him

"It's purely just going out playing. The reason we were in that cap situation...I wouldn't say it was my fault, but I took up a little bit of that money. Me and Haynesworth in that uncapped year. For me it wasn't about the money. I've been fortunate enough in this league to make a lot of money. We talk about being a hired gun going to Oakland I played eight games and made $9 million. For me it wasn't about [the money]. It was about being with a group of coaches and a group of players that I felt comfortable." 

Hall on if he's sick of the RGIII coverage

"You gotta remember D. Green...I was on the team with Michael Vick when he was a bonafide rock star. And I loved it. I think they are different from the standpoint know RG, from day one, I think he understood. He got it. Not saying Baylor was a huge powerhouse but he was on a big stage. He got it. He was a Heisman trophy winner. He was used to being around a lot of cameras. He was used to people always asking for things from him and demanding his time. [RG] knew how to manage that." 

Hall on if RGIII's a bigger star than Mike Vick was in Atlanta

"I think he got Mike. We used to joke around saying if President Obama walked down the street and RGIII walked down the street, I think more people might run up to RGIII in DC. Without a doubt in my mind." 

Hall on coaching the young guys

"Bacarri Rambo. Love him to death. Kid is going to be a heck of a player. He grew up in Georgia. I asked him 'you watch Michael Vick growing up?' 'Oh yeah, man I loved Vick.' So I told him what you saw him doing on Sunday's, is what he's going to try and do to you. As much as you try and coach a guy up and simulate that...there's no one who can simulate that kind of game speed. [Against the Eagles] there were a couple of situations where we had one-on-ones -- and we knew we had one-on-ones schemed up, that's what we wanted to do -- but that's a lot asking that young kid in his first game to go out there and makes those plays." 

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