Kevin Jones Catches Up With NASCAR Driver Kyle Busch

7:28 PM, Apr 11, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- There's a 52 minute long video on YouTube entitled Kyle Busch: Rageaholic

There's another Sports Illustrated article called Kyle Busch: the biggest troublemaker in NASCAR history?

So it wasn't a surprise to see one of racings biggest adventurers zip lining 30-feet in the air atop the trees. He was screaming at the top of his lungs and cracking wise jokes to those in attendance. The bigger surprise from Wednesday's outing was what was Kyle Busch doing in Rockville, Maryland?

Well for those of you who aren't NASCAR buffs (I'm included), Busch has won four straight spring races at Richmond International Raceway. That's almost unheard of domination on a single track. 

Richmond International Raceway president Dennis Bickmeier and his staff accompanied Busch throughout the afternoon and have realized something during the course of the driver's winning streak: he's building an awful big fan base in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. area. Throbs of fans greeted Busch and his entourage at Buffalo Wild Wings after the day of zip-lining was complete. 

"D.C. is our number two market for fans who come to our raceway. We've got to continue to establish a prescence up here," Bickmeier told me on Wednesday. "Being able to bring Kyle up here, it really has a major impact on our event." 

So it makes sense. Many new racing fans from our area who frequented Richmond have seen Busch take home the checkered flag several times. Young kids love to see winning and have fallen for the 27-year-old, begging their parents to bring them back to the track each spring. 

"I'd love to be able to make it five-in-a-row," cracked Busch, who will make his 300th NASCAR start this weekend. "It's a neat race track. There's just a lot of action that happens when you race under the lights."

As for the hothead reputation I led this article off with? We haven't seen too much of that side from Kyle Busch in 2013. There is one good guess as to why: team owner and former Redskins head coach Joe Gibbs. Gibbs has been a calming force in Busch's life and has helped with the maturation process. 

"I've spent a lot of time around Joe and I've seen how he interacts with everything. Having him being an integral part of the race's been a big deal to us," said Busch of his mentor. "He's a great man and I've learned a lot from him." 

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