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RGIII's Successor At Baylor: I'm Just A Regular Guy

2:17 PM, Aug 27, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Because there are literally dozens of articles released each day about Robert Griffin III, I've signed up for Google Alerts on the Redskins quarterback.

Lots of the time the articles are bogus Bleacher Report slideshows. Still, every now and then, you can find a hidden gem.

Like today for example, when printed an article about Nick Florence, Baylor's new quarterback this season.

Florence reportedly answered more than 60 RGIII related questions during Big 12 media day last month. He had an interesting quote which started about Superman socks and ended with something a little more revealing. 

"I'm just wearing normal brown dress socks. I'm just going to be me. Just call me Nick. I'm just a normal guy."

The comment is a peculiar one, because Griffin has described himself as a normal guy on several occasions. Lots of Redskins players have even called Griffin normal. But if you are to elevate a program like Baylor and obtain national recognition in doing so, I guess there is no such thing as being normal anymore -- especially if you make a record amount of commercials before your first NFL game

Florence's quote seems to be referring to all the media and fan attention Griffin attracted during his college days. You can't blame Florence for wanting to be his own person. Living in another person's shadow is something not a lot of us can say that we've experienced.

Following RGIII at Baylor would be like following the Beatles in concert, or George Carlin on stage as a comedian. Griffin's legendary status is going to make it a tough year for Florence to get his due diligence.

A senior, Florence has thrown eight touchdowns and nine interceptions in partial playing time over the past three seasons. Baylor opens the season next Sunday at home against Southern Methodist.

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