Terps Receiver Stefon Diggs Talks About His Goals And Team Dynamics

1:24 PM, Jul 23, 2012   |    comments
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COLLEGE PARK, Md. (WUSA) -- I had the opportunity to meet Maryland's star freshman Stefon Diggs and we spoke about his goals, his relationship with his teammate and coaches, and whether he thinks he is the best receiver on the team.


Me: What are your aspirations for the season and what do you plan to accomplish?

Stefon Diggs: Mostly I just want to work hard. It's a new playbook. Get in with a lot of new coaches, touch bases with them. Just get familiar with the playbook mostly. Once you get the playbook down, you get to start showing your talent because sometimes when you try to pick up new plays you lose some of your athleticism. So, basically I'm just trying to pick up the playbook, play my part, and do the best I can.

Me: Do you think you're the best receiver on this team?

SD: I wouldn't say that. There are a lot of talented guys. A lot of them bring different things to the table. Some fast, some quick. I'm a good receiver, but we got a lot of talented guys. We got some potential. We lost a lot of games but mostly in the fourth quarter. So I think this year we are going to close a lot of them out.

Me: You ranked highly as a wide receiver, but also as a defensive back. Have they worked you on the defensive side of the ball at all?

SD: Not really. I'm real close with Coach Lock(sley), so he wants me on his side of the ball, but I am going to be doing some kick returns and punt returns and I look forward to doing that. But right now, I'm sticking to one position and once I master that and get the playbook down, then I going to try to play a little d(efense).

 Me: Who are your mentors on the team?

SD: Right now, it's a little shaky because upperclassmen -- you know how that is, they try to break you in or whatever -- but nobody really. I'm just out here grinding on my own. And my colleagues in my class; we connect and we bond and we spend a lot of time looking at the playbook - just us. Right now, no one's really stepping to the plate too much. Hopefully somebody will take me under their wing, but if not I'm going to grind it out. You came in this world by yourself, you'll leave by yourself. But I'm going to continue to build this bond with the freshman class and hopefully I can build something with the upperclassmen. They help (me out) here and there, but you can tell there is some kind of feeling of "he younger than you." So I'm just grinding.

Me: Do you have faith in Coach Randy Edsall and why did you choose Maryland over other schools, like Ohio State with Coach Urban Meyer?

SD: I got a lot of faith in Edsall and what he does. It works. If you follow the rules, it works. If you work hard, it will show. He did a great job at Connecticut. He took them from a not so good team, but he turned them into great kids. He prides himself in taking two star and three star recruits and building them. I was blessed to be a part of this team. All that rating nonsense means nothing. At the end of the day, you gotta do what you're supposed to do. And I have 100% faith that my team is going to be something special.

Me: If you have one goal for this season, one thing you want to accomplish, what would it be?

SD: Freshman All-American. 


Some will worry about Diggs' comments about a mentor. Plainly, some players are never going to give him a chance because of his status as a star player -- even without taking the field -- and what some would call an arrogant attitude. Randy Edsall will probably integrate some team building activities, to force his team into giving Diggs a chance.

There is still time to build relationships. The Terps still have training camp and two-a-days to go through before a bond will be formed. Right now, they are probably focused on initiating him rather than becoming pals. When he gets the opportunity to show them what he can do on the field, they will come around.

But I think he has a good mentality heading into his freshman season. Along with wanting to be embraced by the upperclassmen, he mentioned reading the playbook a handful of times. If his maturity translates on to the turf - green turf FYI - the Terps may have a true receiving stud for a few years. 

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