Wizards' Jordan Crawford Puts Shoes In The Fridge

7:29 AM, Jun 5, 2012   |    comments
Photo via (jcs_stelo) Instagram
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- A few days ago I joined the world of Instagram (kevmjones). As girly as Instagram seems, people do post some pretty ludicrous photos. It's entertaining to use as a third or fourth social media.

Take Wizards guard Jordan Crawford for example, who posted the above photo of shoes in a refrigerator. I think it's safe to assume the shoes are his, but we don't really have any proof. Crawford seriously is a different breed. He has a knack for making Wizards reporters feel like idiots, with his four word answers -- including yours truly

Crawford left a comment saying this: "Good looks 'the real McCoy' !!! My bad yall call him KD! Good looks homie" I'm going to guess and say that's a shout out to Kevin Durant, who scored 27 points in Oklahoma City's game five win.

One final note: I was chatting with The Post's Michael Lee yesterday about the Wizards fourth quarter lineup next season. If the Wizards play this offseason right, Jordan Crawford will be a rarity in the clutch. He's streakier than Nick Young, with quite possibly a worse shot selection...aka the ideal recipe for a sixth man off the bench.

Right now, Crawford is the only legitimate three-point threat on the roster, and he shot a dismal 28.9 percent from downtown last season. I think that drafting Bradley Beal from Florida will help solve the glaring shot-making problem. Beal carried his team as a freshman, and although he fell short in the March Madness tourney, he will thrive for the big moment.

If Kentucky slasher Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is taken, the Wizards will have to gamble and look towards the free agency market. Kidd-Gilchrist (25.5 percent in college) will struggle to make NBA three-pointers. And if the Wizards can only monetarily add someone on a Roger Mason Jr. level, then yup, you guessed it, Crawford will remain a mainstay during key moments in the fourth.

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