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Robert Griffin III, Bryce Harper Top The D.C. Power Rankings List

12:27 PM, Jun 1, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- I've always wanted to measure who is the talk of the town. Which D.C. sports figure generates the most buzz?

In my opinion, the more off the field news that's showered on a person, the more important he is to the city of D.C.

So every 1st of the month, I will be releasing the D.C. Power Rankings, a comprehensive list of the previous month's sports news.

If a particular player is doing unexpected things on the field -- IE Stephen Strasburg's home run -- he will be rewarded for those efforts. So obviously, players that are actually playing will have a more chances to be higher in the rankings.

I'm using a scale 1-10. The closer the news to 10, the more people care.

This list is meant to start discussions. Feel free to yell at me on Twitter for leaving something out @Mr_KevinJones.

1) Robert Griffin III, Redskins Quarterback

Redskins quarterback knows how to make Beignets [Examiner] 2.8

RGIII wears USA Soccer Jersey at Fed Ex Field [Me]  4.9

RGIII has NFL's top selling jersey [DCist] 8.8

Skins fan tours Cowboys Stadium in RGIII jersey [Bog] 4.7

RGIII supports gay NFL players [Me] 6.0

RGIII hangs out with rapper The Game [Bog] 5.5

RGIII hangs out with rapper Snoop Dogg [Bog] 6.5

Sportswear company Evoshield signs RGIII [Me] 2.2

RGIII appears on Jay Leno [USA Today] 9.2

Dale Earnhardt Jr. excited by RGIII [Bog] 3.9

RGIII busts out some trademarks [Me] 7.3

Baylor bookstore selling Redskins hats [Dallas News] 2.8

Score = 64.6

2) Bryce Harper, Nats Outfielder

Harper's home run trot is electrically quick [Bog] 2.3

Phillies use extra security for Bryce Harper [Me] 4.4

Harper makes appearance at local UFC fight [Me] 4.0

Harper belts his first career home run [Me] 8.9

Harper playfully nicknamed Bam-Bam [Me] 5.0

Harper receives stitches after temper tantrum [Wash. Times] 5.7

Harper finally gets a normal haircut [Me] 4.1

MLB Network actually compares Harper to Mickey Mantle [Bog] 5.1

Bryce Harper steals home plate [SB Nation] 10.0

Cole Hamels plunks Bryce Harper on purpose [ESPN] 9.3

Harper's 300 foot throw home [Federal Baseball] 5.4

Score = 64.2

3) Stephen Strasburg, Nats Pitcher

Strasburg creams his first career home run [Fox] 8.6

Rob Dibble rips Strasburg on Twitter [Me] 4.7

Columnist rips Nats plans to bench Strasburg [ESPN] 6.4

Stasburg gets ointment in a place the sun doesn't shine [NBC] 9.1

Score = 28.8

4) Alex Ovechkin, Caps Winger

Ovi and Russian leader Vladimir Putin [Bog] 6.9

Ovi and his gorgeous girlfriend Maria Kirilenko [Russian Machine] 4.3

Ovechkin says the Caps had jealousy in the locker room [Me] 7.1

Trade Ovechkin? [Washington Times] 8.0

Ovechkin nearly scores from his butt [Russian Machine] 2.4

Score = 28.7

5) Gio Gonzalez, Nats Pitcher

Gonzalez wants to sacrifice rubber chickens [Bog] 4.0

Gio is thriving in D.C. [ESPN] 8.8

Gonzalez gives his "K Street" pitchers a personalized gift [Bog] 4.9

Score = 17.7

6) Ian Desmond, Nats Shortstop

Desmond Connects with his fans on Twitter [Me] 3.9

Desmond explains Nats helmet snatching [Bog] 3.5

Desmond's walk-off homer [CF Gate] 4.9

Desmond says Phillies-Nats rivalry becoming real [Wash. Times] 5.3

Score = 17.6

7) Braden Holtby, Caps Goalie

Holtby's mom is a semi-famous vocalist [Bog] 3.9

Holtby has his first child [Me] 4.6

Holtby has all the answers [N.Y. Times] 9.0

Score = 17.5

8) Andy Feffer, Nats COO

"Take Back The Park" featured in the Wall St. Journal [Wall St. Journal] 7.5

Natitude Park [Yahoo!] 6.2

Natitude Steak Sandwich [Crossing Broad] 2.2

Score = 15.9

9) Davey Johnson, Nats Manager

Davey sticks by Henry Rodriguez one game too many [Nats Enquirer] 4.1

Davey once saved teammate Frank Robinson from drowning [Me] 2.5

Davey not a fan of the Orioles "O" in the National Anthem [Bog] 3.5

Davey apparently reads "tweeter" and blogs [Wash. Post] 5.5

Score = 15.6

10) John Wall, Wizards Point Guard

Wall and Aaron Rodgers exchange presents [ESPN] 4.8

Wall named to USA Olympic select team [Examiner] 6.1

Wall attends Clippers playoff game with Sam Cassell [Yahoo!] 3.7

Score = 14.6

11) Mike Shanahan, Redskins Head Coach

Shanahan doesn't remember anything 10 minutes after being hit [Wash. Post] 5.5

Shanahan knocked to the ground at OTA practice [Beltway Blog] 4.0

Shanahan rams into Orakpo's golf cart [Bog] 4.8

Score = 14.3

12) Brian Orakpo, Redskins Outside Linebacker

Orakpo models throwback jersey [Free Lance Star] 5.2

Orakpo is terrible at golf [Me] 4.0

Orakpo calls RGIII naysayers dumb [Bog] 4.8

Score = 14

13) Cal Ripken Jr., Orioles Hall of Famer, MLB Broadcaster

Ripken says Nats > Orioles [Bog] 5.7

Ripken supports instant replay [Bog] 4.5

Ripken debuts hamburger line [Biz Journal] 2.9

Score = 13.1

14) Chris Cooley, Redskins Tight End

Cooley smokes a cigarette [Mr. Irrelevant] 5.1

Cooley: I will be a main part of the offense [Me] 5.0

Score = 11.1

15) Dale Hunter, Former Caps Head Coach

Hunter quits as Caps coach, citing family [USA Today] 9.6

Honorable mention: Jeff Green, Jason Chimera, John Riggins, Kedric Golston, Ryan Kerrigan, Henry Rodriguez, Jan Vesely, Karl Alzner and Ted Leonsis.

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