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Wizards Lose To Spurs, Tony Parker Schools John Wall

7:48 AM, Mar 13, 2012   |    comments
Tony Parker dissected the Wizards defense and completely took John Wall out of the game Monday night in San Antonio.
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Some nights the Wizards lack talent. Some nights Washington lacks effort. Some nights the Wizards lack basketball smarts.

The Spurs took the young Wizards to school during Monday's 112-97 loss in San Antonio, giving them lessons on ball movement, pick and roll offense and proper rhythm from bench play. The Wizards were playing chase instead of defense and were never able to bring the game within reach in the second half.G

Point guard Tony Parker micromanaged the game like a highly respected CEO, pouring in 13 of his 18 shots for 31 points and seven assists. Parker is having one of the best seasons of his 11-year career. The guard from France -- who's Bill Simmons wrote could eventually become a Hall of Famer -- annihilated John Wall in offensive sets, leaving the Wizard's point guard backpedaling all evening.

San Antonio has now beaten the Wizards in 12 straight contests, dating back to 2005. The Spurs shot 54 percent from the floor for a good reason; they were wide open on most outside attempts. The Spurs may be the most cohesive team in the league, which makes up for their lack of athleticism and youth.

Three things to take away from the Spurs loss...

A) Nick Young and Jordan Crawford both played excellent games

Young was 7-for-10 off the bench with 18 points and four three's. Crawford scored 19 points and dished out five dimes. Usually when both of the Wizards ballhogs are hot, Washington has a decent chance to win the game. The last time the pair combined for more than 37 points in a loss happened on February 22 to the Kings.

B) Kevin Seraphin saw just two minutes of action

I -- and the rest of the Wizards media -- have bashed Seraphin in posts earlier this season. I also understand that his sluggish feet aren't the ideal matchup against the Spurs nifty ball movement, which requires help defense several times during one possession. But Seraphin is two games removed from dominating the Lakers in a fourth quarter, albeit at home.

Seraphin should be taking ALL of Andray Blatche's minutes, a player whose basketball game has turned into oblivion. Blatche's -15 in just 17 minutes was a disaster. San Antonio brutally attacked him the second quarter, turning a single digit lead into an 18 point blowout in a matter of minutes. I know he's been injured but the last decent game from Blatche came way back on January 25 against the hopeless Bobcats. He's not only stinking the place up, he's cutting into younger players minutes...players who actually have a chance to be on the roster in 2013.

C) JaVale McGee shined amidst all the trade rumors

21 points, 15 boards, 3-for-4 from the FT line. It was his best all-around game since the February 12 win at Detroit. McGee came out playing with an attitude, rightfully screaming for the ball, tip-slamming dunks and creaming Tim Duncan on box-outs. Halfway through the first quarter he had six points and five rebounds and the Wizards had life in their blood.

I'm still in the camp that the Wizards should remove themselves of McGee before the deadline, to ensure they get some type of return for their center. McGee won't be a hot commodity in a trade at this years draft (like he has been recently) because he will not be under contract, unless a team agrees to a sign-and-trade. Monday he showed off his many talents. I just know he will never fully blossom in Washington D.C.

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