John Wall Turns it Over 8 Times As Washington Wizards Make Too Many Mistakes Against Superior 76ers Team

9:35 PM, Jan 15, 2012   |    comments
McGee's fabulous night is spoiled by a solid 76er team. Credit: Brad Mills-US PRESSWIRE
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- The good news: There were no franchise lows set in Saturday night's 103-90 loss to the 76ers. The bad news: the Wizards record sunk to a dreadful 1-11 and the offensive struggles continue to be some of the worst in NBA history.

And guess what? Washington's embarrassing scoring problems will continue as long as John Wall continues to play his version of "basketball."

I'm not going to continue to massacre Wall in each of my articles, but by now you get the point. Number one overall picks never come into situations where they are ready to win right away. But they have to become the player that makes everyone else around them better.

So far in his career, Wall just hasn't met the lofty expectations bestowed upon him by most NBA experts. This fact has to be acknowledged.

"When he makes mistakes on the court he gets down on himself and starts questioning what he was doing wrong," chimed in Flip Saunders.

Saturday Wall actually wasn't terrible numbers wise (19 points, 9 boards, 9 assists but 8 turnovers), putting up a solid effort in the fourth quarter. It was the events -- or lack there of -- in the second quarter that buried the Wizards into the ever-so-familiar catchup role.

Here's what Wall did in the second quarter, in what ultimately became the deciding time frame of the game: Turnover, assist, turnover, missed jumper, turnover, foul and then he was sent to the bench with three minutes and change left in the first half.

For the rest of the game, the Wizards remained grasping thanks to the lackluster second quarter.

Two Stud Wizards

JaVale McGee. 23 points, 18 rebounds, 11-of-13 shooting, 5 blocks, 2 turnovers

Though he's had a few rough games -- namely Orlando and Minnesota -- is there any question who the Wizards most valuable player has been in 2011-2012? McGee tied his career-high in rebounds, did his best Dwight Howard impersonation on defense and only missed two shots.

Those clamoring for a big man like Kentucky's Anthony Davis in the 2012 NBA draft need to take a look a closer look at the Wizards defensive ratings. The Spurs, Clippers and Thunder rank beneath Washington in defensive efficiency, and McGee largely has to do with the Wizards moderate improvement on defense. It's games like these that will make it tough to let McGee go after his contract expires in July.

McGee had this to say: "We felt like we were out there playing hard but it just wasn't enough tonight. It's definitely frustrating right now because I don't like losing."

Nick Young: 27 points, 0 assists, 6 rebounds, 11-of-22 shooting. 

The Wizards drew up a lot of plays for Young and we all know Nicky hasn't met a shot he doesn't like. Sixteen of Young's points came in the second half. It will be much easier to let go of Young following this season rather than someone like McGee, who is steadily improving.

Young had this to say: "We just have to try and stay positive and find something to keep our spirits going. We have to keep staying focused out there because we know nobody is going to take it easy on us."

The Duds

*The Wizards gave up 27 points off of 18 turnovers.

*Rashard Lewis finished 1-for-10 from the floor and had just two points. Retirement could be in his near future.

*The Wizards had seven turnovers in the first quarter. The 76ers had just eight all game.

*Surprisingly, Trevor Booker and Chris Singleton were both off tonight. Singleton was held scoreless and made zero noteworthy plays on defense. Booker was quiet himself, only scoring six points and grabbing six boards. Philadelphia coach Doug Collins briefly chatted with Booker in a corridor after the game giving him encouraging words though.

Notable Quotables

"It's a team thing. Your big men have to be incredibly active. If you get a bad angle, he's going to turn the corner and be at the basket. A thing we did was try and take away his easy baskets and make him play in a crowd. We built a wall to stop John Wall." 76ers head coach Doug Collins on defending John Wall.

"You gotta' sharpen your craft and spend the summers working on things you don't do so well." 76ers guard Lou Williams on advice he would give John Wall.

"Every time I come out of a pick and roll, most teams are blitzing me, trapping me and getting the ball out of my hands. I just need to work on that." John Wall


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