George Washington University Colonials Make Tennis Tourney

6:23 PM, May 10, 2011   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- It's been a busy spring for George Washington sports -- a new athletic director, a new basketball coach and publically declared mission to become a big-time program in a more consistent basis. We're not sure how long the GW big-wigs expect that to take but if you stop by the tennis courts it's already starting to happen.

Five years ago, GW was known for a lot of things but tennis wasn't one of them.

"The rosters I saw from the past were not quite up to par," commented Coach Greg Munoz.

So Munoz got busy recruiting more internationally and nabbed one of the top ranked American juniors: Erik Hannah. He's ratteld off 30 straight league wins.

Hannah told us, "I just go out there and play as hard as I can."

He's earned a nickname in the process -- MC Hannah -- because they can't touch him.

He and other members of the class such as Chris Kushma have led a Colonial tennis uprising. First, it was an A-10 championship and then the first ever trip tot he NCAA Tournament.

Chris Kushma told 9Sports, "Its' an amazing feeling to feel like finally you've accomplished something."

"You hear about the basketball with the big show on ESPN. Tennis is a small world. We had our own little ceremony. It really feels like you belong with the top dogs..." said Hannah.

All they needed was a little favor from the selection committee.

Coach Munoz shared, "We didn't wanna get UVA. They've only lost one regular season match in the last four years."

The good news is they didn't get the Cavaliers. Instead, they got Duke. That won't be easy because the Blue Devils are one the best programs in the country. The Colonials know they're the underdog but here's what they say -- they're not just going to Durham to show up.

Kushma, "Absolutely, there's nothing better than the silence of the crowd, the home crowd when you're the away team."

"We had a doubles team that was 29 in the country last year. We certainly can compete," said Munoz.

It's David versus Goliath, but the underdog is ready.

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