Topper's Blog: Thanksgiving Day Swim

A Swim Anyone ?

The ocean temperature is warmer on Thanksgiving Day than it is on Memorial Day. I always chuckle to myself on Memorial Day weekend when many flock to the beach and shiver in the ocean. The ocean temperature is about fifty four degrees as opposed to about fifty two on Memorial Day. Water has a high heat capacity. It takes a lot of energy to heat or cool water. This is a good thing; we wouldn't want the oceans to have wild fluctuations in temperature.

Thanksgiving 1989 was white. We had a three to six inch blanket of snow over the Metro Area. In fact for such an early snowfall the forecast was pretty straightforward looking like a pure snow several days out and never wavering. You might remember that year. We had a white Christmas that year as well. That was our first white Thanksgiving and white Christmas in over one hundred years. Us snow lovers became excited only to have our hopes dashed as no real snow fell the rest of the winter. It snowed less than three inches combined in the months of January, February and March. Growing up in the Metro Area I remember flakes flying around Thanksgiving; not sticking but just falling.

This Thanksgiving will be cold and dry with just a slight chance of a passing flurry. Dress for the twenties if you are running in one of those Turkey Trot races or maybe playing in a neighborhood football game. Colder air will slowly, and I mean slowly moderate over the holiday weekend. The return home Saturday or Sunday looks great in the East and really across the U.S. as a whole with no big storms.


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