Topper's Blog: Long Journey

Big Journey, Little Bird

I haven't seen any hummingbirds at my feeder for overaweek now. These bird are said to follow insects south in the Fall as they begin their migration. Hummingbirds are beginning the process of returning to Central and South America, Mexico as well as the Caribbean. The journey of these tiny birds covering thousands of miles twice a year is remarkable. Before embarking on this migration they gorge themselves on nectar and small insect parts. They have been known to double their body weight before each migration. The hummingbird eats half its weight in sugar each day. That rate of consumption would be equivalent to us eating over 250 lbs of food per day if we had the metabolism of a hummingbird ! I will keep my hummingbird feeder up until the first frost. Remember to clean it thoroughly before storing it for winter.

On tomorrow's date in 1995 the remnants of Opal spawned tornadoes in Prince Georges and Charles Counties. One touched down at Temple Hills area, including Andrews Air Force Base with a total path of two and half miles long and two hundred yards wide. Fifteen homes were destroyed and damaged another one hundred houses. This tornado was classified as a strong F2 which means winds were between one hundred forty and one hundred fifty seven miles per hour.

On tomorrow's date in 1892 Downtown received a trace of snow. This is earliest measurable snow on record.


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