Topper's Blog: Earliest Snow

First Snow

"Wake up ! Wake up ! It's Snowing" These were the first words I heard on October 10th, 1979. I was in college in Hartford, Connecticut at the time. My college roommate finally woke me up, my classes were always after 10 AM. I did not believe him and kept going back to sleep but finally I peered out the dorm room window and saw a moderate snow falling and a white ground.

On this date in 1979 the earliest measureable snowfall was recorded at National with three tenths of an inch. Twelve inches fell in parts of West Virginia. It was also Logan airport's earliest snow in Boston with two tenths of an inch. Bedford, Massachusetts received over three inches while Hartford, Connecticut had over four inches with eight inches in the northwest hills of Connecticut. Ironically, one week earlier Hartford was hit with a tornado. The tornado hit the airplane museum at Bradley International Airport destroying a lot of old World War I and World War II planes. The National Weather Service was scheduled to study the damage and determine the intensity of the tornado on October tenth but couldn't because of the snowfall.

Our average first freezing temperature Downtown in not for another month, November eleventh but on October tenth in 1895 we recorded a temperature of thirty two degrees. This marks the earliest know date of a freezing temperature in Town. One more note on the other side of the spectrum...the last time we hit ninety degrees was on tomorrow's date, the eleventh in 1919.


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