The Shanny ship is sinking

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- This week's topic, tragic theater at Redskins Park.

Three seasons ago Mike Shanahan rode into town as the new Sheriff who was supposed to put a muzzle on the madness. Wrong!

Redskins Park has featured more circus acts than Barnum and Bailey and I'll admit, at first, I gave Shanahan the benefit of the doubt because he had the hardware and the rings of a two-time Super Bowl Champion.

Here's what's becoming evident: Mike Shanahan, long known for his offensive strategies, is a debacle behind the microphone. Think about it, this guy has stood at the podium and told us Donovan McNabb lacked cardio-vascular endurance, John Beck was the answer, and now Robert Griffin needs rest more than reps? No, no no!

The truth is, McNabb didn't play well and didn't fit Shanahan's system, Beck and Rex Grossman were stopgaps, and Shanahan is really curious about Cousins, especially since RG-3 has regressed.

So why not just say that? Because Mike Shanahan has a problem, he doesn't really like to tell the truth. This is someone who told reporters "I'm not normally honest with you because I don't think our business is anybody's business."

I get it, coaches sometimes don't tell the truth. That's okay if you are Bill Bellicheck and you are winning, but when you are 24-38 you don't get that pass. The man fans thought was brought here to bring stability, seems to be wobbling out of town.

Every week there seems to be a leaked story, followed by a weird explanation or a non-explanation. One can only wonder, what does it say about the state of the organization that people feel inclined to leak stories to reporters seemingly every week?

I was in the Navy and I was always taught when you keep getting leaks, the ship sinks. It would appear that's happening in Ashburn as well.


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