Stop Making Excuses for RG3

Never has a brutha's knee been more scrutinized than Robert Griffin's. Reporters have been doing it ever since he blew it out in last year's playoffs. Now, even current NFL players have turned into doctors and weighed in on RG-knee. San Francisco's Ahmad Brooks and Baltimore's Chris Canty both gave similar diagnoses in recent weeks: Griffin isn't healthy and shouldn't be playing.

To me, those comments strike me as more fraternity then factual. By fraternity I mean black football players, who feel a kinship to a young black quarterback whom they feel is being mishandled and being put in harm's way. It's a noble gesture by Canty and Brooks but they're wrong. Griffin is healthy enough to be playing. The problem is his quarterbacking skills have a lot of rough edges right now. RG3 is not consistently delivering the football down the field.

The read option covered up a lot of his deficiencies a year ago. Don't get me wrong, Griffin was outstanding in his rookie campaign, but this season required more passing from the pocket. It's not happening. If Bob Uecker were describing Griffin's wayward aerials he'd say they were just a bit outside. Until Griffin becomes a better passer, the Redskins will struggle, mightily.

For some, Griffin's deficiencies are hard to explain. He was fantastic in 2012, so he had to be fantastic this season right? The NFL doesn't work that way. There are plenty of quarterbacks who have one good season, but very few can claim sustained success.

You can't blame Redskins fans for believing Griffin would take the next step toward the latter category. All you heard in the preseason was how unimportant exhibition games were, and that Robert would be fine because he was getting "mental reps."

We now know that's false. What the hell are mental reps anyway and since when did that take the place of actual practice? I'm no coach but if my quarterback is going to stand in the pocket, avoid 300 pound defenders, and deliver the rock with accuracy to receivers, I'd like him to have some actual reps, not mental reps.

So therein lies the issue. Griffin isn't hurt, that's an excuse. He needs more work. Griffin shouldn't sit on the sidelines to protect himself against possible injury. That's another excuse, it's also flawed logic. He needs more work. Sure he could use more weapons, a better offensive line, but who couldn't? That's an excuse too. There are quarterbacks in the league succeeding with similar circumstances. Stop making excuses for Robert Griffin, he needs more work and he needs to get better. PERIOD!


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