Smart Gun Hits Target Without Looking

SUMMIT POINT, WV (WUSA9) -- Last year we told you about a new high tech rifle that cannot miss a shot.

The latest update lets you hit the target without even looking. Does that make sense? Is it safe? Is it sporting?

In December, I showed you how the nearly 30-thousand dollar TrackingPoint rifle could turn a novice into a marksman. I hit every one of four different shots at 300, 850 and 1000 yards.

Now TrackingPoint is out with technology that lets you hit the target without even looking through the scope.

"Wearable technology allows for shot around corners, behind the back, and around barricades," says a TrackingPoint promotional video. The company figures the military will love it. And it says the technology would also work to defend your home, allowing you to stay under cover and still shoot an intruder.

On the 340 Defense range: "I'm holding the trigger, but it will not fire until I'm back on the target. I'm not looking through the viewfinder. I'm looking through these goggles, and there's a little monitor here. And I hit it! BOOM. That's crazy!" "Nice shot Bruce," says the range manager.

First you paint the target with a laser, then the computer scope takes into account everything from the altitude to the curvature of the earth.

Pull the trigger, and it only fires when you're spot on the target.

But if anyone can hit anything... is it still a sport?

The Army's interested.

Homeland Security's not talking... But lots of people wonder what happens if a gun like this gets in the wrong hands.

"In order to get one of our systems, there's a process you have to go through," says TrackingPoint's Anson Gordon. "We do extensive background checks on our own. Beyond that, they have to go through local, state and federal background checks."

Then there's the price... as much as a nice car...

But even at $27,500, TrackingPoint is selling these rifles as fast as it can make them.

TrackingPoint says it's worked out a few technical glitches that had some customers complaining last year about the gun's performance in extreme heat and cold.

It just raised nearly $30 million from investors.


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