U.S. Senate Candidate, Tim Kaine, Airs First Commercial

RICHMOND, Virginia (WUSA)--Tim Kaine, the Democratic U.S. Senate candidate for Virginia,has released his first television commercial.

Titled, "Best," the ad never mentions Kaine's Republican opponent, George Allen.

In the spot, Kaine is dressed in a long sleeved white shirt and a blue tie. He looks directly into the camera touting his record as governor of the commonwealth from 2006-2010.

"During the worst recession in decades, I worked with both parties to cut Virginia's budget by $5 billion," he says. "I cut my own pay to lead by example. We were fiscally responsible while advancing our most important priorities, like education."

Kaine has reportedly bought almost $4.5-million worth of ad time to spread his message across the state.

Kaine and Allen are neck-and-neck in the polls and it's been this way for most of the campaign. Meanwhile some polls have President Obama ahead of republican challenger Mitt Romney in Virginia by 5-percent. Why the difference? This is the question 9NEWS Now's Andrea Roane posed to Mr. Kaine.

MORE: Click Video to See Andrea Roane's Unedited Interview with Tim Kaine

"I haven't been on TV yet, until today," Kaine told Roane via satellite from Richmond. "On the presidential side there has been pretty vigorous advertising on both sides. The other side in the senate side started running negative ads against me, funded by these out of state Super PACS in November. And they've run them now, off and on, for basically 9-months. Today is the first day I've had ads up on TV. We decided people wouldn't want to see too many ads before the Olympics. They don't like the negative. So we started positive."

Emily Davis, a spokesperson for Allen's campaign, calls Kaine's new commercial,an"Extreme MakeoverTV ad that recycles exaggerated and debunked claims in an attempt to hide his true record.

"Tim Kaine isn't telling Virginians that his budget was called a 'shoddy little trick' that used one-time gimmicks. He isn't telling Virginians he has admitted making 'significant cuts' to higher education leading to 30 percent tuition increases. And Tim Kaine isn't telling Virginians that over 100,000 jobs were lost under his watch as he tried to raise taxes on Virginians making as little as $17,000 a year. Virginians can't afford for Tim Kaine to take his not 'particularly successful' Governor record to Washington."

Kaine tells 9NEWS NOW's Andrea Roane, "No surprise that George Allen will have a negative reaction to my ad, because they are running a negative campaign. About the claims and accolades, it's not me, it's Forbes magazine that named us best state for business.Governing Magazine names us best managed state. Education Week names us the best state to raise a child.

"We think Virginians will see those positive ads and they'll like them. The negative ads haven't moved the polling at all. I was tied when they started. They've run $8.5-million of negative ads, and we're still tied. I think the positive vision is what Virginians are going to respond to."


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