This week's politics

Immigration reform and marijuana decriminalization were big topics of discussion this week. Here's a look at this week's big political news.

1) Immigration

Perhaps the most talked about topic this week was immigration. With the ongoing immigration crisis lawmakers around the country are pointing fingers and proposing solutions. On Monday, the President asked Congress for 3.7 billion dollars in emergency funding to deal with the crisis. The White House plans to use the funding to attend to those illegal immigrants already here, and send aid to the home countries of the immigrants to expedite the repatriation process.

Bruce Leshan spoke to protesters outside the White House who were demanding the President fulfill his campaign promises, see what they had to say about the crisis here.

2) The suit against Obama

We now know what the topic of Speaker Boehner's lawsuit against the President will be. In a statement released Thursday the speaker's office announced he would be filing a suit regarding the executive actions the President used to delay parts of the Affordable Care Act. With the Republican Controlled House and Democratic Senate in consistent stalemates the President has demonstrated that he is not afraid to use the powers of his office to take action. The Speaker claims that the President is abusing these executive powers.

3) Bill to legalize marijuana

Marijuana remains a highly contested issue in the District. A law to decriminalize marijuana is now in the hands of the House and DC residents may soon vote legalization of the drug on. The D.C. Cannabis Campaign claims to have collected over 57,000 signatures that support getting the issue of legalizing marijuana on the November ballot.

Mola Lenghi spoke to the group about their efforts, see what they had to say here.

4) Montgomery County deals with pot paraphernalia

Marijuana legalization was also a topic of discussion in Montgomery County this week. Back in April, the Governor signed a law to reduce the punishment for possession, but according to the Montgomery County Council, that law has one major oversight. Though the law addresses the drug itself, it does not address the paraphernalia used to smoke marijuana. The council is now urging the Maryland General Assembly to decriminalize the possession of the paraphernalia so that the drug, and the tools used to smoke it are equally regarded.

Scott Broom was at the Montgomery County Council when they passed the resolution on paraphernalia. See his report here.


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