Prosecution finishes questioning ex-Va. Gov McDonnell

RICHMOND, Va. (WUSA9) -- The prosecution wrapped up an aggressive cross examination of Bob McDonnell Tuesday afternoon with a quote from the former Virginia governor's inaugural speech.

"The Scriptures say "To whom much is given, much will be required," the speech read.

"Mr. Williams gave you and your family approximately $177,000 in gifts and loans, didn't he sir?" prosecutor Michael Dry asked.

"Yes," McDonnell answered.

Bob and Maureen McDonnell are accused of accepting more than $177,000 in gifts and loans from wealthy Virginia businessman and then-Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams in exchange for promoting his dietary supplement, Anatabloc.

Bob McDonnell told reporters he felt good after five days of testimony in his federal corruption trial.

"I'm glad I had a couple days to tell the truth and tell our view of the case," McDonnell said.

Earlier Tuesday, prosecutor Dry also pointed out an inconsistency in the governor's public and private financial philosophies. He showed a video of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell saying "You can't spend more than you have for any period of time. You go broke."

The video, a clip from McDonnell's Aug. 6, 2012 appearance on Sean Hannity, contradicts the fact that Bob and Maureen McDonnell accepted and spent $120,000 in loans from Jonnie Williams.

During redirect, defense attorney Henry Asbill pointed out that McDonnell was talking about the state budget, which he balanced during all four years as governor.

Asbill also asked McDonnell about photos of him and Maureen walking hand in hand to courtbetween January and May of 2014 that Dry had showed during cross. McDonnell said he and his wife were supporting each other.

"To be charged with 14 felonies was just a crushing experience for my wife and I," McDonnell testified.

He also said that was before he found out about the extent of Maureen's relationship with Jonnie Williams and before he received the 3.5 million pages of documents related to the case.

McDonnell has testified that Jonnie Williams became a personal friend by 2012, but he kept misspelling the then-CEO's name in notes he made about Star Scientific, loans and actions he needed to follow up on with other state officials.

Tuesday morning, prosecutor Michael Dry focused on February and March 2012, the months that McDonnell negotiated and eventually secured a $50,000 loan for his realty company MoBo. In the same months, McDonnell sent and received emails about Anatabloc research at UVA and VCU and met with Virginia healthcare leaders.

McDonnell was defiant on the stand, getting visibly angry at the allegation that his effort to help Williams get a phone call back from UVA and VCU had anything to do with the MoBo loan.

"If you're suggesting that I got a $50,000 loan for MoBo so I could get Mr. Williams's calls returned, you're completely off base," McDonnell said.

McDonnell testified that he didn't disclose the MoBo loan on his personal financial statement because it was a loan to a corporate entity with no personal guarantee. But prosecutor Dry pointed out that McDonnell also didn't disclose a different personal loan to MoBo for which did sign a personal guarantee.

McDonnell said during redirect that he had paid off his portion of the Davis loan, but Dry called the whole explanation about a corporate entity and personal guarantee just an "after the fact legal justification."

Here's a timeline of February and March 2012 events in question, with McDonnell's explanations from testimony Tuesday.

February 3 - Bob McDonnell and Jonnie Williams begin negotiating stock loan for MoBo

McDonnell said he was asking for a $50,000 loan, but his handwritten notes indicate that Williams was suggesting a loan of 50,000 shares equivalent to $150,000. McDonnell testified that he didn't have a clear understanding of what Williams was proposing and that he was planning to talk to his broker, Mr. Piscitelli, and his lawyers. Dry suggested that McDonnell wouldn't have a problem talking to his lawyers because they didn't know the whole story.

During redirect, Asbill pointed out the McDonnell produced the notes for the government and that no search warrant had been executed to obtain them.

February 9 - Email from Maureen McDonnell to Bob McDonnell

Maureen sent an email to Bob saying that researchers at UVA and VCU were not returning calls from Jonnie Williams. The email included an attachment, which McDonnell testified that he never opened. The attachment said the governor was suggesting a grant to the Tobacco Commission.

"I would have been upset with the lies that are in that email," McDonnell testified.

February 10 – Email from Maureen McDonnell to lawyer Jasen Eige

"Gov wants to know why nothing has developed with studies after Jonnie have $200,000."

McDonnell testified that he never had a conversation about this with Maureen. The governor's schedule shows that Bob and Maureen McDonnell were traveling together at the time this email was sent. They were also together in a hotel the night before, but McDonnell says they never talked about it and he didn't know about the email.

February 16 – Email from Bob McDonnell to Jonnie Williams

"Johnnie. Know u have been slammed. Do u want me to call your lawyer on the certificates and the documents. Thanks for all your help. Gov"

McDonnell testified that he was waiting for more information about a possible stock loan.

February 17 – Email exchange between Bob McDonnell and lawyer Jasen Eige

McDonnell emails Eige, "Pls see me about anatabloc issues at VCU and UVA. Thx"

Eige responds, "will do. We need to be careful with this issue."

Bob McDonnell said Jonnie Williams never asked him for help with VCU and UVA. McDonnell testified that "it's basic constituent service" to ask Eige to help Williams get a phone call returned.

"It's impossible to advise a client if he fails to give you all the relevant information?" Dry asked McDonnell, referencing that fact that Jasen Eige didn't know about all the loans and gifts.

"I don't talk about my personal finances with my subordinates," McDonnell answered. "We don't make decisions based on money."

February 22 – Text from Maureen McDonnell to Bob McDonnell

"Jonnie texted me 2 say he needs our brokers name and phone number to transfer shares this week…"

February 23 – Phone call between broker Piscitelli, Bob McDonnell and Maureen McDonnell

McDonnell said he was talking to his broker, Piscitelli, about the possible stock loan. Piscitelli previously testified that McDonnell told him Star Scientific was holding stock for him. McDonnell said this must have been a miscommunication. Piscitelli also testified that McDonnell told him to open an account in his wife's name only.

February 29 – Bob McDonnell meets with Jonnie Williams at mansion

McDonnell and Williams meet to discuss financial transactions. This meeting happens the day of the Healthcare Leaders Events that Williams attended.

February 29 – Healthcare Leaders Event at mansion

Bob and Maureen McDonnell attend an event for Virginia healthcare leaders. Heads from UVA and VCU attend, as well as Jonnie Williams.

March 11 – Text from sister Mo McDonnell to Bob McDonnell

"Hey Bobby. I'm leaving church – mike called mo earlier and got disconnected. She said we needed to talk about check when you woke up. Pls call now if you'd like.'

McDonnell said this text was the first he'd heard about a check to MoBo. He said he later learned that Maureen had secured a $50,000 loan from Jonnie Williams for the real estate company.

March 12 – Email from MoBo manager Michael Uncapher to Bob McDonnell

Uncapher says "I deposited the check today for MoBo"

Bob McDonnell responds and says "pay march and hold on any other spending." McDonnell testified that he authorized Uncapher to use the loan to pay the bills without having discussed the terms with Jonnie Williams.

March 12 – Phone call between Jonnie Williams and Bob McDonnell

McDonnell said he was talking to Williams about the terms of the $50,000 loan. The prosecution showed handwritten notes that McDonnell took during the phone call, which talk about shares and Williams giving $50,000 to rent beach properties.

Dry asked McDonnell why Williams was still talking for 20 minutes about loaning shares after the $50,000 check had already been cashed and used to pay bills.

March 13-18 – Bob and Maureen McDonnell travel together in Florida

Bob McDonnell testified that he never discussed the MoBo loans with his wife at all during their time together in Florida. During redirect, McDonnell said of the 18 trips within 22 months he took with Maureen, this trip was the only one during which they were alone. He said he had many disagreements and arguments with Maureen during the trip, and that they weren't really communicating.

On March 18, the couple flies back to Virginia on Jonnie Williams's plane.

March 21 – Bob McDonnell meets with Secretary Lisa Hicks-Thomas and Sara Wilson

McDonnell testified that this meeting was about consumer driven healthcare. He admitted that he pulled out a bottle of Anatabloc at the meeting and said he was taking it. Earlier, Hicks-Thomas testified that McDonnell suggested Anatabloc would be good for state employees and asked them to meet with Star Scientific.

Prosecutor Michael Dry emphasized that this meeting happened nine days after the check to MoBo was deposited and just three days after the flight with Jonnie Williams.

Bob McDonnell's defense has one more witness to call Wednesday morning, and then Maureen's defense will present their case. Maureen's lead attorney Bill Burck said he expects his case to take three hours.


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