Michelle Obama slams those who question her husband's birthplace

First Lady slams Trump on birther history

FAIRFAX, VA. (WUSA9) - There's no way the Democrats are going to let go of Donald Trump's long and repeated history of questioning the birthplace of America’s first African American president.

And perhaps no one is better positioned than first lady Michelle Obama to suggest the so-called “birther” movement is motivated by racism.

Making her first appearance on the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton on Friday, before a roaring crowd of mostly students and George Mason University, she never mentioned Donald Trump by name. But it was clear who she was talking about.

“And then there are those who question, and continue to question to this day, whether my husband was born in this country,” she said. “Well during his time in office, Barack has answered those questions with the example he has set, by going high when they go low.”

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“Being president isn't anything like reality TV,” she said. “It’s not about sending insulting tweets.”

President Obama won Virginia by just a few points in 2012 with an overwhelming turnout of college students and African Americans.

Michelle Obama reminded them they could decide the race.


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