FBI releases Clinton email investigation files

Tonight we're getting a first-hand look at the FBI's report on Hillary Clinton's private email use during her time as secretary of state.

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) - Hillary Clinton used 13 different mobile devices during her four years at the State Department, as well as five iPads, to send and receive emails from her personal email address. Only two of the iPads could be recovered and examined by the FBI.

The phones were likely destroyed by an aide with a hammer.

These are among the details contained in a 47-page FBI report on Clinton released Friday afternoon.

Clinton told FBI investigators she did not recall sending or receiving anything on her private email account that she thought belonged on a classified server. She also said she never explicitly asked anyone at State for permission to use an outside, rather than government, email account.

The report goes into great detail about how and when Clinton established the server system at her home in New York, and how it was maintained. The FBI found no evidence a foreign actor successfully hacked the server, although it did discover evidence suggesting attempts to do so were made.

While the report arguably contains no smoking gun, it does raise new questions about why Clinton aides physically destroyed her mobile devices, and why many of her potentially work-related emails were deleted after the existence of the server was disclosed last year.

The Trump campaign seized on the report as a weapon with which to batter Clinton over her honesty and transparency.

“Hillary Clinton’s answers to the FBI about her private email server defy belief,” read a statement from the Trump campaign, attributed to the candidate himself. “I was absolutely shocked to see that her answers to the FBI stood in direct contradiction to what she told the American people. After reading these documents, I really don’t understand how she was able to get away from prosecution.”

The Clinton campaign, which likely benefits from the report’s disclosure on the Friday before a holiday weekend, said it welcomed the report’s release.

"We are pleased that the FBI has released the materials from Hillary Clinton's interview, as we had requested. While her use of a single email account was clearly a mistake and she has taken responsibility for it, these materials make clear why the Justice Department believed there was no basis to move forward with this case,” Clinton campaign press secretary Brian Fallon wrote.


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