5 reasons you should care about the DC Mayoral Race

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Even if you're not a District resident, you're going to be impacted by the outcome of the D.C. mayoral race. Here are five reasons why you should care who gets elected mayor, even if you live in Virginia or Maryland:

5. Speed Cameras

Even if you don't live in D.C., chances are you drive through it frequently. If you're driving to work, you're probably going to get a speeding ticket at some point if you haven't already. Speeding tickets can be extremely expensive in the District. What hurts your wallet hurts you!

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4. Traffic

Traffic was one of the most mentioned pet peeves on our Facebook page leading up to the debate. If you live in Virginia or Maryland and drive to work, chances are you sit in over an hour of traffic. For many years, D.C. has ranked in the top cities for the worst traffic congestion in the nation. What are the candidates plans for relieving the congestion and de-stressing your commute?

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3. Parking

If you're a Virginia or Maryland resident and you're not taking the Metro (a problem of its own if we're being honest) then you probably spend a long time looking for a place to park. Parking is hard to come by, and when you do find it, it isn't cheap! Not to mention parking tickets, which can rack up quickly.

VIDEO: Ticketed in DC for cars they've never owned

VIDEO: Va. man receives $200 parking ticket, but it's not his car

2. DC Fire & EMS

The DC Fire and EMS Department faces continued scrutiny. On our WUSA9 Facebook page, an overwhelming majority of our fans said Chief Kenneth Ellerbe should be fired. Lt. Kellene Davis' job is on the line after the death of 77-year-old Cecil Mills, who died across the street from a D.C. fire house. Additionally, at least a dozen firefighters have been arrested in the past year.

VIDEO: DC Fire Trial Board investigates Mills' death

VIDEO: DC Council scrutinizes firefighters arrests

1. Marijuana

Earlier this year the D.C. Council passed a bill that would decriminalize the possession of less than one ounce of marijuana. Even if you don't live in the District, you're likely to have an opinion on marijuana. If the bill becomes law, D.C. would join the 17 states that have decriminalized pot possession.

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VIDEO: DC Council passes marijuana bill

Tune into WUSA9 at 7 p.m. on Wednesday to watch the D.C. mayoral candidates debate these issues. The time to care is now or never!


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