Oregon student builds himself a prosthetic hand

PORTLAND, Or. (KGW) -- A student at Portland Community College has used the skills he learned on campus to create his own prosthetic hand.

"We make some pretty cool things here," said engineering instructor Reg Holmes.

Student Jordan Nickerson said he used a combination of 3-D technology and parts found at a hardware store.

"The rubber bands make a real difference giving the fingers flex," Nickerson said as he demonstrated the device.

He created the hand in an area known as the Makerspace at PCC's Sylvania campus, which is described as a place for the curious.

"Jordan clearly took advantage of the 3-D technology available here to create the hand and he also used the sewing machine available," said PCC engineering dean Dieterich Steinmetz.

Jordan has lived without his left hand since birth and is now enjoying doing some of the tasks we take for granted.

"I can peel an orange because I can hold it now instead of pressing it against my shirt and making a mess," he said.

He has plans to form a company offering the affordable hands to those who can't pay thousands for more traditional prosthetics.

"When I perfect the design, I want to sell them for $300 and for every one purchased it would provide a free one to someone who can't pay," he said.

Jordan is very appreciative of the Makerspace, which literally gave him a helping hand.

"It's incredible," he concluded.


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