Nurse helps 4-year-old make snowman in hospital room

(WBIR-University of Tennessee) -- Missing out on this week's snowfall could be difficult for anyone who had to stay inside. That includes 4-year-old Haleigh Dunn, who is still tied up with IVs and tubes at UT Medical Center, recovering from a car accident from over the weekend.

"Yeah a little bummed out because we couldn't play in it because we're hooked up to everything," Haleigh's mom, Brooke said inside the girl's hospital room.

So instead of her going outside -- outside came to her, thanks to her nurse, Lisa Holt.

"You know it's not fun to be in the hospital, so we try best we can to take away some of the bad stuff," Holt said.

Holt brought snow and set it down in front of the girl's bed. Together, they built a snowman that's getting a lot of attention.

"There's good people out there -- stories coming from the hospital, sometimes that's not very positive," said Brooke. "But in this situation, it was very positive."

So far, the picture has been shared the WBIR Facebook page almost 1,000 times, with more than 9,300 likes.

When asked if Haleigh wanted more snow, the girl proudly exclaimed "Ah huh!"

Whether we will get another round of white is still up in the air by the time this four-year-old gets out of the hospital, but at least she didn't miss out on what we did have.

"She's getting better day by day," the mother said, proving happiness really is the best medicine.


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