Malaysian flight investigation continues

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA9) -- "We cannot rule out terrorism but we should not jump into conclusion at this time," Rafi Ron said.

Rafi Ron an aviation security and counter terrorism expert cautions about any conclusion as to what happened to the Malaysian Flight 370.

However, he says with the potential of four passengers with questionable identification including two people who got on board with stolen passports there are red flags.

"We know there are some radical religious movements in the region that have selected terrorist strategy. What those red flags say are related to the possibility of this being an intentional destruction of the aircraft. This has yet to be determined," Ron says.

He also points to similar circumstances in the doomed Air France flight 447 in 2009. It disappeared from radar and there was no distress call before it crashed into the Atlantic.

In that case it took several years to learn, it was a combination of pilot and mechanical error.

"There was no warning before the aircraft disappeared from the screen, it may indicate that pilots may not have been aware that something is going wrong a problem which was probably the case with Air France," Ron says.

There were no false identification problems with passengers on Air France. Ron says on the Malaysian flight, there could be many other reasons for someone to sneak on board besides terrorism.

"From human trafficking, drug smuggling, a host of criminal behavior," Ron says.

The National Transportation Safety Board has sent a team of investigators Saturday night along with advisers with the Federal Aviation Administration and Boeing so they'll be in place once the aircraft is found. While possible debris has been found, Ron says we won't know for sure what happened until the black box is located.


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