Look before you sit: Critters invading toilet bowls

You can't ever be sure what you'll find hopping out of your plumbing.

The tree frog freak-out has become routine in Marley Mills' Brandon home.

Seven times in the past two months, a surprise has been waiting for the whole family -- under their toilet seats.

"He's hopping from side to side and I'm freaking out screaming," Mills said. "He will be up under here. Like squished up.

A search online finds they're not alone. Frogs are making themselves at home in others' bathroom bowl.

The Mills just want an answer why this is happening.

Master Plumber James Greco says it's not uncommon in the Bay area. He sees uninvited critters like possums,  frogs, squirrels and  rats popping up in toilets - typically twice a month.

"Almost 99% of the time the vermin come through the roof," he said.

The plumbing vent pipe is their welcome mat, climbing in to look for food or shelter then getting stuck.

"It's gained weight and just cannot get out; it just looks for the easiest route and it's the toilet," Greco said.

Here's the good news: Greco said there's an easy fix. Get mesh or chicken wire, still allowing for venting - secure it on the pipe with a clamp that can be easily removed for access, and voila! An instant critter blocker.

That's what Mills will be trying. She said her husband will be "up on the roof this weekend trying to fix it -- and if that doesn't work we're moving."

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