WUSA9 Gets Summer Potholes Fixed

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA9)--You've heard of Christmas in July? Well how about potholes in July? This past winter and spring--with all the snow, rain and fluctuating temperatures have really done a number on our roads. So much so, it seems every where you drive there is a crater to dodge.

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WUSA9 has received numerous complaints about potholes and how they are driving you crazy. so after this flood of complaints from you, we gave our Debra Alfarone another assignment: to go get those potholes fixed for you so you don't end up in the repair shop.

Viewer Martha Weaver says, "Help! Help!" about Pothole Number One on Debra's list. It is located on the 7900 block of Eastern Avenue in Silver Spring. Or is it Northwest DC?

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"You actually cross the line and you'll be in DC," Justin tells Debra.

And that may be part of the problem. After looking online, we find it's actually in DC, and we report it.

Now, off to Potholes Number Two and Three.

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Two sits on 39th Street, NW. Three sits around the corner on Idaho Avenue. Both are driving Jeanette Tejada de Gomez crazy. Jeanette also happens to work for AAA Mid-Atlantic. She says she reported the roller-coaster ride on 39th Street, NW to the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) back in April.

"Within a few days the pothole was fixed but looking at the section there was a greater problem. There wasn't just one pothole, there was a strip of the potholes. and while part of it looked fixed the rest of them were not," says Tejada de Gomez.

Around the corner on Idaho Avenue, Jeanette hadn't yet reported this pitted, water-filled patch. So treacherous it's worthy of the nickname "Jaws," so we did.

DDOT promises to fill holes within 3 days. Will they? Hold on.

First, meet Pothole Number Four. It's greeting clients in front of Claude Murrell's realty business in Temple Hills, Maryland.

"We've been attempting to actually get someone out here to correct it and cure the problem since the early spring, back in March. We haven't gotten any response at this point," says Murrell.

This is a job for Prince George's County. We reported it. County officials say they try to make fixes within 24-72 hours.

O-kay, time to check back on those potholes in DC. Drum roll please. Pothole Number One on Eastern Avenue in NW DC, near the Silver Spring border, looks like now. And it was done even quicker than DDOT's promised fix-time of 3 days.

Pothole Two is actually a series of pits on 39th Street in NW DC. And when we got there, they were patched; however, the ride is still a rough one with dips and bumps. Around the corner on Idaho Avenue, seems the "Jaws" of potholes has been properly patched. Both were fixed within the District's 3-day turnaround.

And remember Pothole Number Four? Seems Claude's clients will no longer need to navigate through a watery, debris-filled mess to drive through his driveway.

"Your assistance with getting this fixed is greatly appreciated," Claude said pointing to the patched crater that used to greet his clients as they pulled into his business' parking lot.

What can we add to that?


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