Police investigate Fairfax County jail theft

FAIRFAX COUNTY Va. (WUSA9) -- Arrested, strip-searched, and robbed, that's what a Herndon man says happened to him at the Fairfax County jail on March 18, 2014. WUSA9 has confirmed there is an internal criminal investigation underway concerning the allegation.

Cameron Wiley, 30, says he had $845 in his wallet on March 18th when he was arrested, but that money disappeared when he was being processed at the Fairfax County Detention Center.

He was pulled over by a Fairfax County Police officer for having tinted windows and smoked tail lights. The officer noticed the large amount of cash in Wiley's wallet and questioned him about it.

Wiley explained that it was money he earned plowing snow and kept it with him because he does not have a bank account.

The officer noticed the smell of marijuana and Wiley admitted to possessing a small amount. Wiley says the officer found the quarter ounce of pot and also one pill of the prescription drug Adderall. Wiley says he had taken the pill from his girlfriend's prescription in case he needed to stay awake while working 24-48 hours straight plowing snow.

Wiley was arrested on two possession counts, a misdemeanor for the pot and a felony for the Adderall, which is a controlled prescription narcotic. At the jail, he was given $1500 bond and was being processed to get out. That's when his money went missing, he says.

"All my stuff gets dumped out, the deputy comes in and picks up my wallet, then walks out," said Wiley. He said the deputy came back with the wallet but nothing was inside. "Not even a dollar," he said.

"I'm a father of three right now with no job, and that was the last of my money just about," Wiley said. He said he was unable to pay rent this month because of the theft.

He doesn't know who took his money, but he filed a complaint, and gave a statement.

Fairfax County Police confirm an investigation is underway into the alleged theft of money, but can't say much else.

"We take all allegations of impropriety serious," Lucy Caldwell, Fairfax County Police spokeswoman said.

Sources tell WUSA9 that several people, including the arresting officer and deputies involved in Wiley's processing, are being questioned by the Fairfax County Criminal Investigation Bureau.

Written by Peggy Fox


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