Fmr. Iraqi officer in Va. pushes to oust insurgents

WOODBRIDGE, Va. (WUSA9) -- A former Iraqi officer and mayor who now lives in Virginia, is deeply involved in trying to stop the insurgents who have been gaining ground in his homeland.

A cup of Iraqi Tea gives Najim Abed al Jabouri, who now lives in Woodbridge, Virginia, is very worried about his country's survival. He believes if the various groups keep fighting each other, the country will "break out in in a huge civil war."

Jabouri is the former Mayor of Tal Afar, a city northwest of Iraq and just west of Mosul. Tal Afar has already fallen to the insurgents, but Jabouri says because of the peaceful foundation he helped lay, the Sunni did not turn on the Shia.

Jabouri claims when the insurgents arrived, the Sunni hid the Shia, and "did not let the terrorists kill them."

He thinks the world of General H.R. McMaster, who saved Jabouri and his family when the new Iraqi Government turned on him. Now, one of his daughters is enrolled at George Mason University, a son is at Northern Virginia Community College and his younger son has joined the United States Army. "I'm extremely proud of him," said Jabouri. However Jabouri is critical of the first U.S. invasion of Iraq and who was left in power.

He says Nouri al Maliki is part of the problem in Iraq and needs to go. Jabouri accused Maliki of discriminating against the Sunni by marginalizing them and not providing jobs to them.

Jabouri says ISIS, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, fighters a safe haven. He believes if the Sunni are treated equally, they'll kick out ISIS.

From his home in Woodbridge, Jabouri works the phones trying to direct his former fighters. He is also doing as many interviews as possible to help bring about change. He is pleading with the United States Government to not turn away from Iraq, but to intervene. He does not want military involvement, but political pressure to force Maliki to step down and allow a new leader in.

He pleaded, "Please Mr. Obama, please don't let Iraq alone in this bad situation."

The Washington Post first interviewed al Jabouri.

Written by Peggy Fox


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