Fearless from Fairfax: VA Task Force 1's toughest training day yet

It's day three of stressful, dangerous, realistic disaster training for Virginia Task Force 1 and our WUSA9 crew embedded with them. Today, just when the crew thought it couldn't get any tougher, it did.

Debra Alfarone and photojournalist Kurt Brooks woke at 3 a.m. to accompany the crew.

The men, women, and dogs of Virginia Task Force One have no idea what they'll find. The only info they have? There's been an earthquake in Canada.

When they arrive, a hulking rock of concrete waits, blocking even more concrete, then a school bus on it's side. All they know is victims are somewhere behind all that.

It's slow work, it takes hours, but they get in. There's victims inside.

Once in, it's dark and dusty. Rescuers have put down glow sticks to help direct their team. Just when you thought this was tough, it got tougher. Seems the first few rescuers inside a tunnel found 2 exploded Metro trains.

They have to use airbags to elevate one train so they can access victims pinned underneath. Some have injuries that require amputation. Of course, this is a drill, but the hands-on experience this offers cannot be underestimated.

Chief Chris Shaff put together this entire week of training, "It's unbelievable to be able to put our guys and gals on this, because if something ever does happen, it's our cars, it's our Metro, it's how the system works."

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