Fairfax County investigates possible voter fraud

FAIRFAX, Va. (WUSA9) -- Study after study has concluded that Voter fraud is virtually non-existant in America.

But today, Farifax county's board of elections has reviewed evidence of at least 17 cases of people crossing state lines to vote twice.

They feel the evidence is strong enough to send these cases to prosecutors and the state board of elections for review.

It appears that voters voted both in Virginia and across the river in Maryland back in 2012.

The county asked the Fairfax Commonwealth Attorney, the State's Attorney General, and the Federal Department of Justice to investigate after finding that some of the voters had voted in the two states repeatedly over the past decade.

A volunteer conservative advocacy group called Election Integrity Maryland originally discovered the irregularities. The group compared voters in both Maryland and Virginia and found 44,000 voters registered in both states.

That wasn't overly shocking because of how often people move within the DMV area move. What is surprising is that about 160 people did vote in both states in 2012, like those 17 Fairfax cases under investigation.

This concerns the Election Integrity Group, as their spokesperson said " It tells me is that our election system is really an honors system right now, leaving the door wide open for voter fraud."

But opponents of voter ID legislation aren't concerned by the numbers. 165 suspected cases out of nearly 9 million voters in the two states is statistically meaningless, they say.

Voter fraud is a misdemeanor in Maryland, but a felony in Virginia, leaving many eager to find out whether authorities will press charges.


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