Cuccinelli launches gun rights law firm

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Ken Cuccinelli, who lost his bid for Virginia Governor, says he's happy to be off the campaign treadmill that comes with 12 years in public life. He's now focusing on his family, his own law practice and a separate whole new kind of law practice. One that's dedicated to defending gun rights.

"If they are lawfully using a gun to defend themselves, or if they are harassed for carrying a gun where they are legally allowed to carry by law, we defend them start to finish," Cuccinelli said.

He and three partners have launched Virginia Self Defense Law. What makes the firm unique is that it charges a low monthly retainer of $8.33 to defend gun owners.

"People are retaining an attorney. It's not an insurance plan," Cuccinelli clarified.

He says he would have defended George Zimmerman, who shot and killed Trayvon Martin, had it happened in Virginia, and if he'd been signed up with the firm.

"He'd have already had to retain us. If something happens and you want to retain us, you're in the ordinary pay scale," Cuccinelli said, which could add to thousands of dollars.

Advocates against gun violence say the firm could cause some gun owners to behave dangerously with their fire arms because they know they'll be defended.

"The retainer is written so that it is lawfully carrying, obeying the law. If there's a doubt about that we defend them. But we do have the sex, drugs, and rock and roll clause,which is if you're doing other things. If you're selling drugs on the corner, and they also charge you with a firearm violation, we don't defend you," Cuccinelli said.

Also, he says the firm will not get involved in domestic violence cases. "We will not defend charges within a household, it's written in the retainer," he said.

The firm has no cap on legal fees but clients may have to post their own bond and pay for experts witnesses if needed.

While there are organizations around the country that provide legal defense, Cuccinelli says they're set up to "find a lawyer" for you. With his firm, the retainer hires a lawyer there at the firm, if needed. Cuccinelli says the only other law firm with a similar plan is in Texas.

Written by Peggy Fox


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