Aide: Maureen McDonnell was a "nut bag"

RICHMOND, Va. (WUSA9) -- Mary Shea Sutherland, former chief of staff to Maureen McDonnell, painted an ugly picture of the first lady during her testimony on Wednesday. Sutherland testified that the she told investigators that Mrs. McDonnell was a "nut bag" and was tired of being her "babysitter."

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When she interviewed for the job with the governor, Sutherland asked him how he would define success and he said: "When I come home to happy wife." But Sutherland found a happy first lady was a rare occurrence. Sutherland said Mrs. McDonnell often yelled and screamed at her and other staff members. Sutherland said she left the job after 22 months because "she couldn't take it anymore."

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Sutherland also said she saw no sign of marital woes between the Governor and his wife and that she didn't think there was anything romantic going on between Maureen McDonell and Jonnie Williams. That testimony hurts Maureen McDonnell's defense that her marriage to the governor was so bad that the two could never have conspired to do anything together.

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Sutherland's testimony helped the prosecution make their case in other areas as well. Though Sutherland organized the luncheon for Williams' product Antabloc at the Governor's Mansion, she said it was Mrs. McDonnell who planned it and Jonnie Williams who came up with the guest list.

Dr. John Lazo, Distinguished Professor of Pharmacology at UVA attended the mansion event. He said he thought it was an official event because it was at the mansion and the both the governor and first lady were there. Lazo said Jonnie Williams handed him a $25,000 check for the University, just like he did with Dr. John Clore from VCU, and just like Clore, Lazo got rid of the check as fast as possible.

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