Uber & Lyft still on the roads in Virginia

ROSSLYN, Va. (WUSA9) -- Despite being told they are operating illegally, the popular ride-sharing services, Uber and Lyft are still on the roads in the Commonwealth.

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles says they need to shut down because they don not have the proper licensing.

WUSA9 found Elerbi Aloui, an Uber driver waiting to pick up passengers in Rosslyn even though Virginia has ordered the App-Driven Uber and Lyft companies to stop operating.

"I think it's a mistake. It's a bad move from DMV," said Aloui.

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles says the companies are breaking the law and acting not as a ride-sharing program but as an unlicensed taxi company. Virginia code defines ride-sharing as providing transportation, not for profit. DMV says passengers pay and the drivers and companies profit.

"it's a shame. It's created a lot of jobs in the community. It's good for everybody," says Aloui.

Except if you talk to certain taxi drivers.

Sheku Bayoh, a taxi driver says, "I don't think it's fair. A lot of times they are in the same place we use to pick up and we'll see two or three Uber cabs."

Taxi drivers say they have to go through a rigorous licensing process to include background checks, health and criminal record checks.

Uber drivers say they too go through background checks, and have the required insurance.

But drivers are not registered with the state, which keeps the Commonwealth from regulating and overseeing these requirements.

To customers the ultra convenience is what is driving them.

Virginia DMV Statement:

Virginia DMV supports innovation. The agency has been in communications with UBER and Lyft for months to educate them on Virginia's law with the goal of bringing them into compliance so that they can operate lawfully in Virginia. During this same period DMV has been charged by the General Assembly to conduct a study of these transportation network companies. We are confident that the solution to transportation network companies operations will come out of the study and we hope that UBER and Lyft will actively participate in the study and be a part of creating the solution. In the meantime, Virginia DMV must fulfill its obligation to highway safety and enforce the law as it is currently written.


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