The psychology behind stocking up during snowstorm

BETHESDA, Md. (WUSA) -- Are you ready for the snow? Are you stocked up on bread, milk, eggs, and toilet paper?

Psychologists say we buy these things because it makes us feel in control of a situation we have no control over - the weather. And while the average person may grumble at heading to a packed grocery store pre-snowstorm, Assistant Manager Imauni Ray of Bethesda's Safeway store is a ray of sunshine in an otherwise snowy forecast.

Ray has been dealing with these panicky situations for the past 3 years, "Today's the day, it's going down today." She knows that when snow is in the forecast, shoppers flock to the store the day before, "We've got to replenish the toilet tissue, that stuff flies off the shelves, bread, milk."

Ray checks the bread aisle and it looks all stocked. Next, she checks the eggs. "Right now, we're looking pretty good," she says.

Then, Ray takes us to the milk, "We make sure all the milk is pushed forward so you can grab it, we don't want anyone to strain, we don't want anyone hurting themselves trying to get some milk," she says.

The last staple Ray checks for is toilet paper. First, she takes us to the frozen aisle, where extra stacks of toilet paper are sitting on top of the refrigerators. Then, Ray leads us to the busiest aisle yet, the actual toilet paper aisle, "Yes, we're stocked..... once it snows, it goes."


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