The man allegedly behind your stolen packages

The man allegedly behind your stolen packages

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) - DuPont Circle area residents said one man has made his living stealing packages for years. His run could be coming to an end – again.

Wayne Bridgforth: The man DuPont Circle area residents accused of swiping their packages.

“About 20 years ago, my wife caught him taking a package from our porch and she chased after him,” said Jim Stockmal, a DuPont Circle area resident. “And he claimed ‘oh, I thought this was mine.” Bridgeforth’s rap sheet is a mile long.

His first criminal case dates back to 1978, and in 2011 – with dozens of cases in between — he was sentenced to 48 months in jail for first-degree theft. He resurfaced in the DuPont Circle area.

“I saw him recently and actually screamed at him and said, ‘Wayne, how stupid are you, walking around with three packages,'" said Rob Halligan, a resident who alerted the cops to Bridgforth years ago. "I called the cops, and they didn’t get him.” 

Steve Henry, another victim of theft, believes Bridgforth is behind his missing package, though he cannot say for sure.

“We’ve seen [Bridgeforth] walking up and down the street right after deliveries,” Henry said. “It’s almost like he timed it. So as soon as the FedEx or UPS trucks are gone, he’s right there behind them.” 

Henry created his own line of defense. His mail is now delivered into a lockbox on his porch.

Police caught Bridgeforth in August. He was charged with second-degree theft and let go, only to be arrested again for violating the condition(s) of his release. He is now being held in jail, waiting his hearing Wednesday morning.

A spokesperson for D.C. Courts said judges can typically only hold defendants who are charged with a violent crime, pose a risk to others or themselves or are thought to be a flight risk.

Halligan, the man who alerted Bridgeforth to law enforcement years ago, said, “The criminal justice system looks at [stealing mail] as minor, but doesn’t a citizen think stealing mail and stealing a package…should be something you go away for a long time for?”


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