Son tried to save man missing after boating accident

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- At sunrise on Monday, crews resumed searching for a 46-year-old Upper Marlboro man who disappeared after a boating accident Sunday afternoon.

Five other people, including the missing man's son, were rescued by a "Good Samaritan on a sailboat," Maryland Natural Resources police reported on Twitter.

They were on a 17-foot, center console boat that launched from Sandy Point. The boat swamped and sunk near the bridge. The ship sunk stern first, adding that there was "no time to put on life jackets", according to officials. Survivors told officials that they were having engine problems. In addition to potential engine problems, wind may have been a factor as well. A wind advisory was in place at 6 p.m. Sunday night.  

The man who is missing, Adrian Perez, is the owner of the boat and reported to not be a very good swimmer, according to officials.  Perez was wearing a red shirt at the time, officials said. Anne Arundel Fire and Rescue said a man fitting that description was seen swimming in the bay, but he was pulled under the water.

The Coast Guard, Anne Arundel Fire and Rescue, and Maryland State Police are assisting the Maryland Natural Resources Police in the search. According to Candy Thomson with the Maryland Natural Resources Police, they are now searching under the Bay Bridge using a grid pattern. Crews are crossing off each grid square at they pass it. 

This recovery effort has proven to be a difficult one. Search crews are having to deal with strong winds and choppy water, plus those white caps on the water make it very difficult to find the victim.

"Basically, where they found life jackets and fishing gear, that's where they are looking today," said Candy Thomson, spokesperson of the Maryland Natural Resources Police. 

There were life jackets on board, but no one was wearing them and they just didn't have enough time to put them on. The 12-year-old boy told crews he tried to save his father.

"He was trying to help his father but his father was larger than he was and he couldn't just physically make that happen." Candy Thomson

A Good Samaritan spotted the group and rescued five.

This death will mark the 17th boating related death in the state of Maryland. The average is 12. Officials say in this case, if they had been wearing life jackets, it could have made a difference.

Investigators will also be looking at boat manufacturers recommendations such as weight limits, and how many people were on board. A total of six people were on board, which is a lot for a boat that is only 17 feet. However, officials say four of the passengers on board were children and between the ages of one and five.  

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