Snow Pushes Walkers Out Into Street

BETHESDA, MD (WUSA9) -- The snowstorm spelled trouble not just for drivers.People who had to walk to work through it had plenty of hassles too.

"It's fine, it's fine. I like it," said a bakery worker who had already walked a mile from the Metro stop when we caught up with him. "The buses aren't running." Snow on the sidewalks pushed him into the middle of the street and he had another two miles to go.

Sean O'Leary was out in the street voluntarily.He's was planning to run ten miles and the sidewalks were impassable. "It's kind of like The Day After Tomorrow. Remember that movie from a few years ago? No one is stupid enough to walk. I'm the only one stupid enough to run in it." "How's it feel?" I asked him. "Terrible. I'm so sick of winter."

Joseph Zammar's pomeranian wasn't enjoying the snow up to her chest either. But Zammar was loving it, figuring the snow was a good excuse for a trip to the store for another bottle of wine. "Maybe a little wine for the dog too?" I asked him. "She needs it. We gave her Xanax today to relax," he said about the dog, which was yapping loudly at photographer Joe Martin.

The school kids are plenty relaxed on the sledding hill at Stone Ridge School. They've had so many canceled class days that school is likely to be extended into summer -- but there in no hurry to get back.

"So you guys are tired of sledding?" I asked a big group of youngsters 'No!" "You want to go back to school?" "No!" "You can't handle anymore snow days?" "No!"

Check it out though. Sure sign of spring. The daffodils are starting to peek up out of the snow already. Some of the forsythia are already starting to bloom. And on Tuesday, the National Cherry Blossom Festival announces the expected day for peak blooms along the Tidal Basin.


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